Woman With a Chicken on her Foot

. . . was just one of many photos I wish I’d snapped last week. She was sitting in her wheelchair, astride a table filled with little tourist gifts. I don’t know what those were, I focused on the scrawny chicken perched atop one wrinkled, sandaled foot. It would’ve been amazing, but also rude, to take her picture. So I didn’t.

We were in Mazatlan watching the divers risk their lives for tips.

Another sight I wish I’d been ready for was seeing big iguanas slither in and out of drainpipes on the sidewalks of Mazatlan. I DID manage to snap a photo on a basketball court.

It was running from us. I wish I had set my phone to video.

I snapped these guys as they walked down the Malecon in La Paz.

The picture I should have taken was when they were dancing and drumming, but I didn’t have any spare change, so it would have been rude.

Can you see the kite surfers? I wish you could see how they flew and spun through the air.

La Paz pier

I took some great photos too. But I have those. I want to remember the ones that got away, so I’m writing about them today. When we were shuttled into La Paz from the ship, I saw a congregation of about six dogs sitting in an empty lot. They were your classic Mexican street dogs, medium sized, short haired, hungry-eyed. They were formed in a loose circle, apart from each other in equal distances, as if someone had arranged them on purpose. Fascinating.

The last photo fail I’m sharing today is this one at Cabo San Lucas. We were on a catamaran and snorkeling. But some humpback whales showed up as well. So much for my timing.

See that blackish lump in the water? Yep.

Oh! I almost forgot – seen on the street in Mazatlan . . .

I didn’t have time to find the shop and check it out.

It’s time to share my finish for the One Monthly Goal Challenge over at Elm Street Quilts.


I have a large basket under my desk with a pile of lingering to-dos. This one was my oldest, on the very bottom of the stack. I needed a reason to finish it, and a good reason finally presented itself. It’s going with three other baby quilts to the Birthchoice center.

Quilting is clouds and hearts
Clouds, hearts, and rainbows: sweet dreams to the little one who will be wrapped in love and promises.

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