Circle of Friends

Hello, Blog. I say this greeting with affection, and a surprising realization that I view my blog as …. well, how do I view this exactly? I don’t personally know you, excepting maybe one or two. So I’ve created in my head a blogcircle of friends, true blue friends who lend sympathetic ears and encouragement to my heart. Thank you for being there. Here. Actually I don’t know quite where. I do know that we all have our struggles, and I hope I can lend you encouragement too.

I want so badly to return to the Bible Sampler quilt blocks. I’m finishing up reading the book of Zechariah, and I’m finding it to be so comforting. Funny that, because it describes all sorts of trials and tribulations (in other words, our present-day reality), but those struggles will make way for the Day of the Lord. In THAT day, our reality will turn right side up. Good will be good, and evil will be evil, and crimes will be punished, and the followers of Christ will rejoice and be glad.

But first, I’m going to write a blogpost in order to announce my OMG choice for the month of September. Tomorrow is the deadline.

I wasn’t going to join in this month, because my dog will be my priority and my focus in these last days we get to have with her. But I’ve faithfully finished up projects every single month since January. If I persevere, I’ll have twelve things done in this epic year otherwise known as 2020. I want to see this through.

So, for September, I’m going to quilt up this top.

I’m just going to run straight lines across the squares. That’s all I can handle this month.

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