16. Wonder

I’ve heard people joke that the first thing they’re going to ask God when they arrive in Heaven is “Why mosquitoes?”

I wonder too. Mosquitoes are only annoying, and at their worst, carry deadly diseases.

Now we can look with our backward lens at the patriarchs and wonder why they made such poor choices and showed such lack of faith at times. For example, today’s passage, Genesis 12 has Abram deciding to leave the promised land. He sojourns to Egypt in order to escape famine. We wonder why he didn’t trust God. After all, it was God who sent him into the famine. Wouldn’t He also provide in the midst of the famine? Not only that, upon arrival Abram tells the Egyptian pharaoh that Sarai is his sister, and off she goes to the pharaoh’s harem. What kind of patriarch throws their wife under the bus to save their own cowardly skin? I wonder.

But it gets worse. Because of Abram’s bad decisions, God now has to protect beautiful Sarai, the future mother of His people. He sends a plague upon Pharoah’s house in order to protect her.

And that’s the most difficult “I wonder”. I wonder why innocent people suffer. The members of Pharoah’s household were completely removed from Abram’s sin, yet they had to endure the consequences. They suffered the misery of the plague until Pharoah figured it out and booted Abram’s crew out of Egypt.

We see innocents suffer every day in the news, and our hearts break. We seek perfect justice, and explanations to make sense of it all. What can be the answer to it all?

I think the answer is: Wonder. We won’t ever know why. But God is in the wonder. He understands. Jesus was perfect, innocent of any sin, yet He bore the consequences of our poor choices upon His shoulder as He carried the cross to His death.

And that, as hard as it is to reflect on the pain He suffered, is wonderfully good news.

Block #16: Wonder of Egypt

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