Mystery Monday Clue #6

Here’s the link up for this week. I’m nearly done with clue six. I dislike the wonky look, so I sewed my strips upside-down, flipping the graph paper over and used the lines to guide my seams.

This is my second Bonnie Hunter mystery. Last year was my first, and I had just found Bonnie’s blog shortly before the On Ringo Lake Mystery began on the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve noted a few differences.

First, I’m no longer shocked at the sheer numbers of pieces called for in each clue. Last year was a rude awakening to my notion that I was an efficient sewer. I couldn’t believe I was expected to complete hundreds of pieced units each week. I couldn’t believe there were people who could.

Next, I’ve joined in the ongoing conversations in Quiltville Open Studio this year. Now I can see the proof that there are those who finish each clue. I also get to watch the anticipation grow as each week passes. The support from the tribe really enhances the entire experience.

Last, I learned to really pay attention. Last year I made a huge mistake early on. I carelessly flipped the colors on the flying geese units, which made my “On Ringo Lake” look more like “Storm on Ringo Lake”. But there was no way I was going to rip out hours worth of work. This year I almost messed up with the chevron units. But luckily I noticed that they all slanted in one direction before I got too far into the clue.

It took me a LONG time to complete them. I held back when the skinny seam allowances made me nervous. I followed the chat, took the advice, and now Clue #3 is behind me. As I pushed each unit through the machine four times each, I slowly realized that the 3/8 inch seam will be secured with 1/4 inch seams on both ends. The skinny part will be safely tucked in the middle, and it’s on the stretchy bias to boot.

So there was no need to be nervous. This is what I like best about doing the mystery – I learn to learn. Bonnie had written an entire post about the bonus triangles and the subsequent skinny seams. It finally got through my head at about the same time I completed the chevrons.

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