Hail Bounteous May

The WordPress prompt for today: When do you feel most productive?

Visual evidence that I am not a morning person

This just happened. For context: Right after getting out of bed, and before attempting anything else, I start my day with one cup of coffee. I pop in a Keurig, then stand and wait for it in the dim morning light. So yes, I was right there, standing patiently in my kitchen while it poured out onto my counter. Next time I’ll make sure I place my mug right side up. I don’t know when I feel most productive, but I can safely say when I do not.

So how’s your morning going so far? Happy May! John Milton would appear to be a morning person:

Now that I’ve taken a few sips of my second attempt at a coffee, I’m ready to set my May goal.

The basket under my desk – done and gone!

The “”After” photo. Plenty of legroom there now.

Under last month’s quilt top, I discovered that the rest of the basket contents were folds of yardage big enough to use as quilt backs. I had forgotten all about them. They had been moved out of their closet when our daughter moved in for a few months. So back they went into the reclaimed closet on hangers and the basket returned to the bathroom to hold towels.

What now? What other piles of possibilities have been ignored even though underfoot? My next move will be to that closet, which is overflowing with just such annoyances. I’ll chip away at it month by month, and hopefully get the same result. Sorry, I’m not brave enough to take a “before” picture for you. It’s that ridiculous.

First up: This paper bag, ripping at its seat. How annoying is that. It was brought home awhile ago, filled with donated flannel pieces for donation baby quilts.

It’s time to move forward and sort this bag out.

My goal will be to figure out how best to use these pieces and assemble them into quilts.

And because baby quilts are so small, my challenge will be to design, piece, sandwich, quilt, and bind one quilt project in this lovely month of May.

I’ll start with these scraps.

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