Done and Dusted

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The challenge I gave myself for the month of March was to quilt all the blue sections of this old quilt. I lacked the confidence to do so back then, because the beige thread would actually show. So I stayed with the white sections, and left the darker blocks alone until I felt I was ready.

Then of course that never happened. It took a naughty dog to push this quilt back under my nose.

Here’s the block she chewed up, all patched and quilted down.

And it took participation in the monthly challenge to keep my nose to the grindstone to quilt up the rest of it. There were 36 of those triangles, and 34 of the smaller ones in the border. I hadn’t realized how much of this quilt was unfinished when I chose this project to complete.

It was boring and tedious. This quilt was made before I acquired a Pfaff Grandquilter on a frame. Now I can pantograph across quilts with no wrestling involved. Here’s some baby quilts I breezed through this month. They took less time than the OMG challenge.

But this old quilt brought me back to the old days of tugging and twisting under my regular sewing machine needle. (I can’t do straight lines well on the Pfaff.)

A view from the backside. I like the texture, puffy and all. I like the angles going in all directions. Most of all, I like that it’s DONE.

2 thoughts on “Done and Dusted

  1. Done, AND looking good! Your pantograph work looks great, too. I never used to enjoy doing them, but I’ve come to appreciate their worth for my donation quilts, children’s quilts, and other things that need to be finished, even if not perfect. I think your lines look great!


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