Sticking With It

New month, new challenge …

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I’m sticking with the basket under my desk when choosing the monthly projects I want finished. Great motivation lies in the prospect of seeing it emptied and moved out. I have zero motivation to complete the projects that lie within, so the OMG will get me there.

On top of the pile is another repair job created by Audrey, the naughty dog. Good thing she’s cute.

This is Miss Audrey. I even made her a quilt of her own.

Audrey came to live with us, along with our daughter, for a season last year. She disapproved of being left behind when we’d go out. To be clear, she was not left all alone, or for very long. Even with the companionship of our dog, she’d destroy things. We’d return home to scenes like these.

The interrogation

One day, Miss Audrey chewed up a block in this quilt.

I managed to cobble together a patch for the triangular piece she ripped to shreds.

This was one of my first quilts. I put it together from a bag of precut triangles I found at the thrift store. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t quilt in the blue triangles at all due to lack of confidence.

But with this piecemeal patch needing extra security, I’m going to go back in and quilt all the puffy blue parts. Then this quilt will be truly complete. I picked up some fan templates and some pounce at my thrift store. I haven’t worked with these things before, and I know they’re obsolete. But it’ll be a novel experience, and isn’t variety the spice of life?

3 thoughts on “Sticking With It

  1. Great idea to have the basket under your desk for current projects! Isn’t is funny that Miss Audrey discovered a way to let you know she felt deserted (Not Funny at all :). Good job you are patient and can “fix” your pretty quilt block. Great idea to go back in anf add more quilting. Your first quilt is a real treasure and should be preserved. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Good luck with this week’s projects.

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