The Basket Under My Desk

Here’s the basket I mentioned in my last post.

Yes, I tidied up for the photo, but not in the basket

I have other projects hanging on hangers, folded in tote bags, stowed in bins, and sitting in cute baskets on shelves, lest you mistakenly think this is the sum total of my UFOs. I don’t think you thought that. We find each other showing up in the same places for a reason. If you’re reading this as a link from the Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Challenge, then you too probably have too many projects to count in various stages of development. I’m guessing being in the middle of a project is your favorite part too, rather than starting or finishing. I tend to stretch things out as long as I can.

But I put a few things in this basket that I wanted to complete. In these cases, I’m over it, being in the middle that is. I thought shoving them under my feet and bumping them every time I sat down would annoy me enough to get at them.

But it didn’t. They lingered. And lingered. Ugh. What I needed was a challenge, and Elm Street Quilts has the one that works for me. My plan is to work my way through this heap month by month. I already feel better after January’s finish went away. That basket will be out from under my feet before long. Thank you ladies of the OMG.

My goal for February is a small one, being that it’s a short month, with taxes to prep, and blah blah blah. This crocheted lovely drapes a couch, but I threw it in the basket ages ago because a certain visiting dog (ahem Audrey), clawed it every time she jumped up on that couch (which is not allowed.)

I haven’t counted, but there are a LOT of these to fix

I’ll spend the month quietly stitching it back together each evening as we watch our nightly episode of Heartbeat. I’m looking forward to it.

6 thoughts on “The Basket Under My Desk

  1. That annoyance factor was a good idea, just not big enough for the basket! I have finished many projects over the years, thanks to One Monthly goal. Finishing isn’t always my goal, sometimes it’s just to move it along, but either way, they are slowly getting done, and quickly being replaced by new projects. LOL Your crocheted blanket is beautiful. I have one my grandmother made for my older sister’s 16th birthday, and it needs a little repair, too … some day. Yours is a wonderful heirloom.

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    1. I picked it up at a yard sale years ago. I hadn’t examined it very closely until now, even thinking it was machine made because of the low asking price. But I can see the maker’s hand in every stitch, and I’ve grown to appreciate it very much.


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