Hi Everyone,

Not much happening around here, besides the never ending record-breaking heat wave. I thought I’d pop in to show you what has kept me occupied as of late:

Here’s part of this morning’s haul. The tomatoes will go to a caprese salad, the hornworms to some chickens.

My morning routine: Make a cup of coffee, pull on shorts and flip flops and go out to the garden beds. Pick the ripe stuff, and pick the bugs off the plants. By the time I’m done, it’s too sunny and too hot to stay outside.

I am seriously growing old looking for these critters. These destructive nuisances hide in plain sight. It takes forever to see them. I follow the frass, but they don’t travel in a clear path. The fact that the numbers are dwindling each day sustains me.

But of course there will be more tomorrow morning.

That is all. Have a fruitful day everyone.

#followthefrass #hiddeninplainsight

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