The Cure

Good Morning, Heidi here, your canine correspondent.

I’m stepping in to the blog today because it’s been too long. My Mom doesn’t feel up to sharing much these days because her mom passed into Heaven a month ago. In her case, it was a peaceful, joyful entrance into her eternal life. It was the blessed cure to the awful disease that had rendered her helpless and wiped her memory for years. In her death there was no sting.

Did you know how my Mom started quilting? It was when her mom began slipping away. Because her mom had delighted in sewing, it was a way to connect when real connection no longer existed. My mom started by using what remained of the stash to make things for the family. It felt right, it provided a cure for the sadness. When she couldn’t visit her mom in person due to COVID, it was time spent with the things that brought her mother happiness. It brought back happy memories of her childhood. Her mom had taught her to sew. They sewed aprons, dresses, Christmas pillows, gifts, doll clothes, all the things. Her mom started quilting when she retired. She lived near the “Quilt in a Day” campus and took classes there. Eleanor Burns had revolutionized the sewing methods with rotary cutters and self healing mats. Mom wished she had quilted with her mom then, but the timing was off. She had four young kids of her own while working full time.

Now that her mom is gone, she thinks she might not need to quilt for awhile. We will take long walks in the sunshine instead, and go fishing. It’s another kind of cure for sadness.

But when she’s ready, I’m ready and waiting …

P.S. when she comes back to the blog, she’ll act like everything’s normal. Could you all do her a favor and play along? It’ll be easier that way. And please don’t feel obligated to leave a comment, because then she will feel like she needs to say thank you, and so on and so forth. I hope you understand. Now I’m going to go let her pet me for awhile. It’s my job.

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