For Such A Time As This

Remember when I wrote about Hannah?

Snowflake Babies

We didn’t know then what was in store for Hannah. To update you, I’m relaying this from Marlene:

“I wanted to give you some info for tomorrow’s 12/1 Supreme Court case regarding Mississippi vs. Dobbs. The case will begin at 10AM eastern time (early for you Pacific time zone folks!). Each side has only 35 minutes each to present. You can access it here:

Attendance in the courtroom will be limited, but the court will provide a phone feed so the public can listen in at or

There is a list of activities you can access here:

Thank you all for your prayers and support!”

Marlene, John, and Hannah

P.s. Here is Hannah’s press release and her Amicus Brief is embedded in it should you care to read:||ZWFndWlsYXJAdHhqZi5vcmc=

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