81. The Just Shall Live by Faith

Apologies for the long gap here.

One, my days have been spent washing endless sinkfuls of curly leaf kale in vain attempts at meticulously removing trillions of aphids before freezing. Chances are I missed more than a few, so my smoothies might have an addition of a little extra insectivore protein. (Note to future self: sow Dino Kale seeds next year.)

The current view: standing in front of my kitchen sink.

Two, the Bible Sampler quilt project jumped right over the book of Acts and landed in Romans. Number One allowed me time to “read” Acts via AirPods, along with some Elizabeth Gaskell novels since last we visited. Such enjoyable distractions keep me plugging away for hours at the gardening chores. So now we’re in the book of Romans, and here’s the next block:

Greek Cross Quilt Block

This passage includes the well known phrase, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth . . .”

The audience for Paul’s letter is the church in Rome. But as we do, we personalize scripture and apply it to ourselves. So this stirs up the question: “Am I walking out my faith unashamedly, and presenting a genuine example of the Christian life to others?

In my lifetime, there has not been a better time to “show the spine” of the gospel than now. Culture is pushing the reality of natural law aside and pushing us towards acceptance of absurd social norms that contradict common sense.

Historically, we’ve politely gone the “tolerance” route: Live and let live, I’m okay, you’re okay, and so on. But we knew deep inside that wasn’t going to be sustainable. Every “giveaway ” when compromising values paves the way towards the next give, then the next. Before you know it, you’re guilty of a hate crime if you happen to have a Dr. Seuss book on your family bookshelf. What’s next?

When tolerance is one sided, that’s the side that ends up the loser. The winner will continue to push until tolerance is changed to acceptance, and finally, changed to support, a full embrace of the new order. Anything less will not be tolerated.

When I sit down and start writing, I don’t have a plan as to the content. This blog entry/stream of consciousness came from the simple phrase in this passage, “The just shall live by faith”. Are we doing that? Do we expose our true identity in Christ where we live: in our schools, hospitals, workplaces, neighborhoods?

I’ve heard it said that we have “Freedom from religion”. Not so. The first amendment of our U.S. constitution actually says “Freedom of religion”. Yet we’ve been conditioned by secular culture to leave our faith outside the door when entering the town square. The acceptable way to engage in public life is to be faith-neutral in order to accommodate all. I get it, the intent of the writers of the Constitution was to prevent a church from running the government.

But they didn’t mean that the just couldn’t live out their faith while engaging in government.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “81. The Just Shall Live by Faith

  1. Welcome back. You’ve been missed. I do so enjoy your posts and this one is no exception. You’re such a breath of fresh air. I read a lot of quilt blogs and few express anything to do with religion. I’ve dropped more than a few because of strong and extreme “live and let live” attitudes. I have only one question. What do you do with frozen kale? The only answer I’ve come up with is soup. Maybe, as hardy as it is, it isn’t overly softened by the freezing process? BTW, have you tried it in garlic masked potatoes with mascarpone? It’s Thanksgiving worthy.


  2. Ooh, the mashed potatoes sound delicious! I make green smoothies most every morning from my garden produce in my Vitamix. Recipe: fresh or frozen greens, (kale😊), sweetened with fruit, with some collagen, flax seed, chia, turmeric, or whatever, added in. It keeps me nourished and I don’t crave any junk foods at all.


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