All Good Gifts

This past year, I’ve received many gifts, both surprising and unexpected. I reported that I won the monthly prize TWICE on the Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Challenge. But there’s more, and I’ve got many words of thanks that are way overdue. I’ve been putting this off because I wanted to adequately express how much they meant to me. I thought an inspired way of showing my appreciation would come to me if I waited long enough. That doesn’t appear to be happening, so here I go, plain and simple:

Way back in August, I got mail from THE Frances O’Roarke Dowell herself for a Quiltfiction Club event. Theona also sent me some cute fabric, which has already been cut up and used. Theona, I know you follow this blog, sorry I didn’t take a photo beforehand. Thank you so much my dear friends whom I’ve never met in person.

Also in August, I got this package from THE Laurie Aaron Hird, with a signed copy of her newest book. What an absolute thrill, and I’m beyond excited to begin this project after I complete the Bible Sampler Quilt. Thank you Lori, another friend I consider dear even though we’ve never met in person.

The book pairs letters from Ada Melville Shaw with quilt blocks. Here’s a peek at the concluding paragraph in the introduction:

Just like Ada, “I count each of you a dear friend” even though we’ve not met in person. This blog is a gift, allowing me to share some of myself, and I thank you for spending some of your time with me here. I don’t pretend to believe my words are “fraught with beauty”, but I will agree that they are written with a “spirit of abiding love”.

Here’s what all this brought back to mind. Maybe it’s also because I’m currently reading the gospels, and the parables Jesus tells. Good Gifts from Godspell

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