Turning A Corner

Here we are, down to the final days of 2020 left on the calendar. And here I am, posting my final UFO finish for the OMG Challenge:


The goal was to finish this “Blossom Time” top.

I’ll give it a scalloped edge to keep those sweet corners.

The goal involved attaching borders with a weird corner turn. I was designing as I went along, so there were no instructions to follow. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, and I’m still not sure how it was done. I do know that it took me an entire day to get the first corner right. The other three were a little easier, but not by much. This photo doesn’t help, the shadows show all the bias-y lumps and bumps. I plan to give it a good pressing while I FaceTime chat with friends on Wednesday. Then I trust the rest will quilt out. It was just a fun project for me, I’m not too concerned about it.

But I am concerned about this:

I was done with the Blossom Time top mid-December. So I spent the rest of the month playing with the Bible Sampler quilt border pieces. I think I may be in trouble here, I’ve gone and created another weird corner angle join for myself. I won’t be posting progress on the OMG page, so stay tuned on my blog for news on that front.

Here’s to turning the corner on 2020. It was weird, it was historic, what can I say? Any other year I’d throw out a “Where did the time go?” question, but not this year. Time was what I had plenty of, and I have the never-ending shutdowns to thank for helping me complete all twelve monthly projects. And I WON a prize again this last month, a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. So it’s a good time for me to take a bow, say thank you to Elm Street quilts, and exit stage left. All the best to the rest in 2021!

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