A or B?

Which photo do you like better, A or B?

A. One more seam to go . . .
B. “Frolic”, Bonnie Hunter’s 2019 mystery quilt completed.

I would conclude that “A” people love the “process”, and “B” people love the “product”.

Speaking for myself, I prefer “A”. Being in the middle of something leaves the possibility that surprises could still happen. There’s movement in that photo, and anticipation. It’s not over until it’s over.

Down to the last row. . .

But for the purposes of this post, I choose “B”: my November finish for the One Monthly Goal Challenge over on Elm Street quilts:


I got my “Frolic” quilted, bound, and threads pulled, truly DONE. I was motivated because Bonnie Hunter’s 2020 mystery season starts this Friday. I made my deadline with time to spare.

I think “B” actually makes me a little sad, because it’s been promptly followed by “C”:

… relegated to the top of a stack in the old wardrobe.

Because I live in a mild climate zone with non quilters, my quilts are, shall we say, under-appreciated and under-used. So I squirrel them away here and there. We don’t need people poking around, saying that we might consider that one could have too many quilts, and shouldn’t one slow down a bit, now do we?

5 thoughts on “A or B?

  1. I have lots of quilts squirreled away too, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to create beautiful works of fabric art! Keep creating my friend!
    I’m torn, I love the process (piecing is my favorite) but the finished project is so satisfying.


  2. I love the colors you chose for your quilt and the border looks very nice. My top has been done for quite awhile except for the borders, which I couldn’t decide on. I have many flimsies that need quilting, which is the part that I dislike because I don’t own a longarm and they are too expensive to keep renting. I find it to be a miserable chore on my DSM. I really enjoy the piecing process the most.


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