And Another One Down

Another month bites the dust soon, and another UFO has met its maker, so to speak. Here it is, going out the door and into the car to be gifted to my son.

Heidi is confused, I don’t usually give away my quilts.

One Monthly Goal

Here’s the link to the finish party over at Elm Street Quilts. The goal I set and met for the month of October was to bind it up and pull loose threads (I tend to create a lot of them). September’s goal had been to quilt it, so I went easy on myself this time. I didn’t know it would be immediately given away when I chose it for the finish; a great fringe benefit of participating in this OMG Challenge. My son was visiting, the weather was turning, he needed it, and it was done. It’s soft and warm, and I’m tickled to know that it’s being used rather than stored. I’ve starting piling up more quilts around here than we will ever need, which may be generating a little guilt. I’m looking into donation possibilities these days.

This quilt was a fun, slow project. The idea started with this blogpost I found years ago, and saved to my phone:

I started making the blocks, and when the pile got big enough I joined them two by two, then four by four. Alternating the muslin blocks in between wasn’t using up my huge stack quickly enough, so I changed the layout. I like the way my version looks, rich and vibrant.

My plan was to make the backing like the photo, and have two quilts in one. I changed my mind about that when the top grew to be so thick and heavy by the time it was queen sized. I never would’ve been able to quilt through all those seams.

The backside view (both quilt and dog)

I predict I’ll use up my leftovers to make another one, this time like the photo inspiration that started it all. After all, I have enough blocks and the muslin squares are already cut. I’m not tired of the process yet, and I do want to see how it turns out differently than the first. Besides, I do have another son as well.

Yep, I’m seeing this happening in my future

P.S. I fixed it. You knew I would. Hand block

8 thoughts on “And Another One Down

  1. Very nice! Homespun plaids make such comfortable quilts — both comfortable to look at and to use. The square-in-square/economy block is a nice way to show off the variety of plaids, too.


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