67. Good Answer

Coffin Star. Interesting choice when naming a quilt block.

This next block brings me to the account of Jesus raising a young man from death to life. He performed this amazing miracle right out on the street, while his coffin was being carried enroute to his grave. Talk about your close calls.

If you add them up, Jesus brought dead people back to life three times that we know of, not counting His own resurrection and all the people that rose the moment He died on the cross. Talk about your miracles.

If I was to be asked, “Why is Christianity the only way to salvation? Isn’t that narrow minded? How can you be so exclusionary in this day and age?”

I’d answer with, “Show me another religion that provides a god who came down from his throne to rescue us all. Not to reveal a path, a ladder, a labyrinth to Heaven, but to die. To lose His own life in order to save us from ourselves. God became man and gave His own life in order that we might live. But that’s not all. He raised Himself from His own death, which was the death of all the sins of all the world. Show me a Savior that did all that in your faith tradition, and I’ll consider it as an option.”

Worth watching: “A Man Fell in a Hole”


I like the part where Jesus asks the man if he wants to be saved before He offers rescue. He will do all the heavy lifting. We only need answer “yes”.

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