65. Typical

Now where was I? I’m excited to be back to the Bible Sampler quilt blocks, but I’m so confused. This is supposed to be the 65th block in the quilt, but I already had a number 65 post. Oh well. This is what happens when I’m put in charge. When I started this blog, staying in chronological order was supremely important to me. I wonder why that was? I think I was too concerned about how I would appear to my readers. I planned to number the posts that included the blocks for organization’s sake. Now that’s gone out the window, and frankly, I’m okay with it. My readers turned out to be kind and supportive. I’m even quite certain that you don’t even care. I might add here that Laurie Aaron Hird herself is skipping around amongst the gospels as she unfolds the life of Christ. So I’m in very good company here.

I think I remember now that I zipped through those last few short books of the Old Testament in order to be in Luke 2 for Christmas. Ah yes, that was it. In January, I enjoyed the holiday scripture passages and the block that went with them. Then, good student that I am, I made myself go back and reread those Old Testament minor prophets in order to give this Bible readthrough justice. I’m glad I did, and I finished piecing the border triangles along the way.

2020 has been a very long year, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s block number 65, for reals.

Sunrise. Please don’t look too closely

Now for the OMG challenge over on Elm Street Quilts:


For October, I’m going to extend a little grace to myself by setting a very small goal. This month, my days will be spent in the garden harvesting, and leaning over the kitchen sink processing, summer fruits and vegetables. This week it’s been squash and tomatoes. Next week it’ll be pomegranates and guavas, and so on. I juice, freeze, can, and dehydrate as much as I am able. It’s time consuming and rewarding. I don’t normally take food photos, but last night our homegrown, homemade tomato soup was so yummy, I had to snap a photo. (I’m really taking liberties now with skipping all over the place, aren’t I?)

Bringing it back, here’s my plan: I’ll finish what I quilted for last month’s OMG. I need to pull threads, make binding, and handstitch the binding down. I foresee this happening while relaxing in front of the TV after those long hours of kitchen work. Doesn’t that sound nice? Happy October!

3 thoughts on “65. Typical

  1. You are right! It doesn’t matter what order you do the blocks. I know the quilt is going to be gorgeous, and I am so patiently IMpatiently waiting on a layout! Cheering you on!


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