Christmas in July

It’s that time of the month, time to join the July OMG over on Elm Street Quilts.

This monthly UFO challenge has really been working out for me. I joined in January, Now halfway through this epic year that is 2020, I’ve completed six UFOs. Six! I think the “holding myself accountable to a public group” is the piece that motivates me. And that there is a chance to win great prizes helps too.

I still have quite a few UFOs to pick from. They don’t excite me when I think about working on them. Using this challenge to keep me focused, I’m going to finish quilting up the last of the three snowflake quilts by the end of July. Then they’ll get stowed away until Christmas, when hopefully they’ll feel fresh and festive again.

I’ve already begun. Can anyone please explain why mess-ups ALWAYS happen in the darker sections where it shows up more?

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. If you have mess ups in the dark fabric you obviously didn’t take a picture of it because I see nothing wrong in this picture.


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