Time to Party


… at a link up, that is.

Three is a magic number, and here’s my trio of Snowflake quilts all ready for Christmas.

The July UFO finish is the one on top. I was going to stop at two (for my two daughters), but I just had to use up the bonus triangles they created, along with the leftover scraps. So the final one on top is a bit smaller, and it’s staying with me. It’ll be perfect thrown over the couch, ready to warm us up as we watch holiday movies. Done, done, and DONE!

I’m sure I’m not alone in this: fabric loses its charm the longer I work with it. By the end of the project, in this case, three, it has definitely grown stale: A perfect example of “Familiarity breeds contempt”. So I wanted to keep slogging through until this shiny, detestable fabric was all the way gone. I made this, and now it’s gone, gone, gone.

It’ll make a great pillow.

4 thoughts on “Time to Party

  1. Congrats on finishing that trio+. And you chose the perfect background for your photo. I’m especially impressed with how well you assembled those HST-turned-flying geese units without losing points. Familiarity breeds contempt; if only that weren’t true. In my case it’s more a function of making mass quantities of the same unit. At least using a scrappy design helps lessen that issue.

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