Time Flies

. . .when the nation is in mayhem.

I had every good intention of posting my May OMG finish on the Elm Street Quilts UFO challenge site, but I lost a day on the calendar.


So here I am, a day late and a link-up party short. Would you indulge me now? I had some initial trepidation about throwing this goal out there, since I always approach the quilting part of quilting with a bit of apprehension. So this finish felt like more of an achievement than my previous months choices.

My goal was to load this top and get it quilted. Not only did I get it quilted, it’s already trimmed up and bound as well. Ta Dah!
Here’s the back. I just did a simple pantograph, it was pretty dense for me.

Thank you. Now I will tell you why I lost a day on my calendar. Yesterday the quiet, nondescript old town of my childhood, La Mesa, was one of many that endured destructive rioting. Triggered by the horrible death of George Floyd, it was a horrible opportunity for horrible people to wreak havoc. I couldn’t watch, or even check in with the breaking news. I kept busy, gardening in the beautiful outside, untethered from technology. Besides the gardening chores, my husband and I laid a brick walkway. It was a good thing to do, just thinking about brick fitting next to brick, row by row. Time flew.

And being the good citizens of La Mesa that they are, neighbors showed up this morning with their brooms and spray paints, and had the streets cleaned up by noon.

Time marches on.

So I don’t miss the OMG challenge for June, I’ll post it now:


Next up, I want to get another top quilted. I’m choosing an eye popping one this time:

All Stacked Up

3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Liz,
    Your quilts are beautiful!
    I’ve been reading the Elm Creek Quilters books. I love them so much! I’m hoping to make a few of the quilts mentioned in the books.
    I finished a beautiful feathered star quilt this week. What a lovely pattern.
    Thanks again for your blog. I always look forward to reading it.


    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Terri. I believe you are the most productive quilter I know! I enjoy seeing your wide variety of beautiful projects on your Facebook page.


  2. Lovely quilt top. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.


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