Circle of Life

Shelter in Place, Day 58. Another book of the Bible read, another border block pieced:

After reading through book after book of doom and gloom, the next book in my Bible read-through, Haggai, was a welcome relief. Just as all those previous prophets foretold, the kingdoms of Israel were indeed destroyed. And sure enough, a remnant of God’s chosen people have returned to live in Judah. Haggai’s message was to get busy rebuilding the temple so God’s presence could come home. I think he got pushback, and I can’t blame them. They’d been working so very hard, building new lives from scratch. To take the time and expense to build the temple was not high on their list of priorities. In a nutshell, Haggai’s reply was, “God’s will, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.” (This was a quote I heard many years ago, it’s a good one.)

In my previous post, I said that there was enough variety around my home to keep me from feeling like I’m trapped in a Groundhog’s Day movie. Some examples:

This guy was hanging out on my wall. He is huge, and those antennae are totally boss. He’s a silk moth of some variety. Now in the final stage of his life; he has emerged from his silken cocoon with no mouth parts. But he has no interest in food. It’s all about the pheremones, baby. Those antennae will help him find a mate so the next generation can be produced. Circle of life.

Every year, frogs lay eggs on in our pool when it sits dormant in cooler weather. Every Spring, we rescue those eggs and raise the cutest little polliwogs. Then we have these delightful visitors all year round.

Those crazy eyeballs swirl and move.
My husband didn’t mind this little guy hanging out in his sink

I’ll share my morning events:

My day begins with a cup of coffee, after which I go outside to garden for awhile. Today I started with picking fruit. I filled my hands with the first ripe blackberries of the season. I was delighted. Then I filled a bucket with nasturtium flowers for our lunchtime salad, and I’m going to attempt a pesto sauce as well. Delightful.

Then I moved to a shady spot, and began hacking away at and pulling out a giant plumbago plant that has taken over the fence line. I was delighted to see several noisy little finches flitting all around me while I worked. Then it dawned on me; they’re probably protecting their nests. So I backed off and moved to another section. Then I saw it. A weasel, so cute and playful, moving in and out of that plumosa. Then I realized it was after the nests. The finches were besides themselves. I was horrified. I picked up a few oranges from under a tree and threw them into the dense growth, but I doubt if it helped.

The circle of life can be such a bummer sometimes.

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