Buds of May

The gardens are bursting wherever I look. Pardon my photography, I’m too lazy to wipe down or trim up the scene before shooting. And this is supposed to be funny, mimicking the beautiful photos of quilts thrown over fence posts in tranquil settings to show a finish. Well, here’s another block finished for the Bible Sampler quilt any ways. I’ve finished reading the book of Nahum. Like the book of Jonah, it also warns Nineveh of future judgement and destruction. But unlike Jonah, the Ninevites don’t respond with repentance this time. They had “progressed” since those days of Jonah. Their city was an imposing fortress, and their people were known for their cruel strength. But all progress doesn’t move forward. Their hubris pushed the Creator, the God who saves, out of the picture. There’s a lot of talk about lions, and lion dens. This threw me at first, but then I remembered what I saw in the British Museum last Fall. https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/galleries/assyria-lion-hunts

Fascinating. Who hunts lions? Hubris. Was this analogy to lions in Nahum’s prophecy a taunt? It was certainly ironic. Nineveh, mighty Nineveh would fall to the Babylonians, never to rise again.

My OMG for the month of May:


The next UFO I’ve chosen to finish is to get this top loaded on the quilting frame and quilted.

I may be displaying some hubris here myself. I’m spending lots of time outside in this gorgeous May weather, and not a lot of time in the sewing room. There’s lots of necessary gardening chores going on, and I’ve challenged myself to take a long walk or bike ride every day in May. But I felt like a bit of a cheater when I chose small, achievable UFOs in months past. It feels great to have those done, but this OMG is supposed to be a challenge. So I’m really going to challenge myself in May. What do I have to lose?

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