Fish Story

I’ve finished reading the book of Jonah. We all know how it goes. What impressed me was that God turned His wrath away and forgave the Ninevites. True this: No matter how evil or cruel, not one repentant heart is beyond the reach of God’s grace and mercy. And there was forgiveness for disobedient Jonah, too, even as he sulked under the tree after the turn of events didn’t go his way.

The Ninevites worshipped a god by the name of Dagan. Now get this, Dagan was a creature, part man and part fish. Fish! How about that. How curious that God caused Jonah to be swallowed by a fish before bringing His message to the fish-worshippers. Some might call this fortuitous, but I’ve got to hand it to God, that was one clever move. I’ve heard that one reason the people might’ve listened to Jonah was because his skin might’ve been bleached white from three day’s worth of soaking in digestive belly-of-the-whale juices. I would add that being a great fish survivor would have definitely boosted Jonah’s street cred.

Another book of the Bible, and another border block done for the Bible Sampler quilt project.

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