Forty Days and Forty Nights

California Shelter in Place Order – Day 40.

Forty days of social isolation. Forty days of limited freedom. It feels like a very long time. How is it going for you?

I’ve fallen into a rut rhythm. Clean a little, garden a little, cook a little, read a little, write a little, sew a little. I’m trying to keep it fresh.

I’ve challenged myself to make one Bible Sampler quilt block per day, in between face masks, to mark this epic time in history. I’m doing the borders now because I’m reading through books of the Bible that don’t have a corresponding block in the project.

And get this, I’m going to need exactly forty of these triangles for my quilt.

This is number 17.

The lavender is blooming and I put these on the orange and lemon cakes I made for our Easter meal yesterday.

I’ve finished reading Amos. This guy is probably the inspiration behind the phrase “Prophet of Doom”. In a nutshell: Just like in the book of Joel, Amos appeals to the Israelites to stop their evil practices, especially the ones against innocent women and children. He reports his visions of the impending destruction of Israel. Then it happens. Assyria swoops in and destroys the northern kingdom. The end.

But wait, there’s more! Amos also prophesied that the House of David will be restored. He foretold this even before its destruction took place.

I love this. Hope and the promise of salvation are always present – even in the gloomiest of Old Testament scriptures.

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