Food For Thought

The sun came out this morning, after many days of rain. So I went outside, picked some weeds, and gathered two baskets of dropped fruit.Next, I brought it inside to be washed and juiced. While I worked, I thought about all of the Springs I’ve spent bending over the kitchen sink, processing my citrus fruit. It suddenly dawned on me that citrus ripens in both Fall and Spring, which just happens to coincide with the two flu seasons.

Which then made me think about the theories that fruits and vegetables are shaped like the body parts they are meant to serve. For example, walnuts = brain, celery = bones, and so on. I hadn’t considered that the timing of seasonal fruits and vegetables could work with our bodies as well, ripening and becoming available when they are most needed.

Oranges are great immunity boosters, but a matching body part that needed lots of Vitamin C didn’t come quickly to my mind. Maybe the eyeballs? Nah. Then I thought about the round image of the Coronavirus that we’ve seen all over the internet. Are all viruses shaped like balls? I looked at some google images, and yes, they mostly are.

In today’s press conference, our president said, “It is genius”. He was referring to the virus, how it keeps coming back despite man’s best efforts to get control.

I would say that the Creator of all things is the genius.

I live in California, so we’ve been in “Shelter in Place” mode for awhile now. Besides gardening, I’ve gotten this done:

Another border piece for the Bible Sampler quilt.

And I’ve been reading through the book of Daniel. Do you remember the “Daniel Fast”? I attempted it in the late seventies. The idea was to eat only vegetables and drink only water for ten days, just like Daniel and his fellow Hebrew students did when they refused the rich foods served in King Nebudchadnezzar’s court. I remember getting a sore throat after about the third day, and abandoning the project. Looking back, it was probably due to all the raw carrot sticks I was munching on.

Today, I’ll raise a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and give thanks. Cheers!

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