65. Twelfth Night

Star of the East quilt block

The next block in the Bible Sampler quilt takes us with the wise men, traveling from the East to Jerusalem, to check in with King Herod. Surely he will know the whereabouts of this new king of the Jews?

Herod was clueless. His chief priests and scribes got him up to speed with the details, after which he tried to thwart God and His plan to save.

Our church follows the traditional Christian calendar, which means that today, January 6th, is the feast of Epiphany. “Epiphany” translates as “revelation”, or “uncovering”. The fact that wise men took on the time and expense of a major expedition, with only a single star to lead the way, shows the importance of this event that occurred in Bethlehem. It’s the first hint (politically) that there’s something epic about this humble birth in a manger stall.

By the way, I just love it that, before the wise men, it was shepherds, (the non-political rung of society), who got to be first to see their God in the flesh. The angels appeared to them with the news long before any bigwigs arrived. I’m so grateful that God shows us again and again how much He truly cares for the “least of these”.

So we celebrate this day by taking down our Christmas. Yep, the season is officially over. I thought I’d show you some of the sew-y stuff that adorns our tree before it all gets boxed up and put away.

My mom made this. She labeled it, so I know it was made in 1997. She is the reason I got into quilting.

These are thrift store rescues. Someone’s mom made these, and I appreciate them.

I made this one, along with dozens more for ornament exchange parties.


These last two are my absolute favorite. Made in Sunday School by my boys years ago, the wood and straw say it all. They are enough to make a beautiful ornament. Jesus came, and that is enough. He is enough.

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