55. Three Things

Spider Web

I’m paper piecing my way through Proverbs. This block was fun: no curves, nice contrast, (it’s more of a brown in real life), and best of all, more scraps got used up from the stash.

We love fabric, don’t we? Let’s play fiber trivia.

Question: What is the strongest fiber in the world?

Answer: spider silk. Specifically, that of the Darwin’s Bark Spider. (Ironic that it bears that name, eh?) This little guy spins silk up to six times stronger than high-grade steel, (per weight, of course).

This is made of spider silk. I KNOW, I had to watch a video on YouTube to see how it was done. (Photo credit: Victoria and Albert Museum, London)


King Solomon began this passage with: “There are three things which are too wonderful for me, yes, four which I do not understand . . .”

If he had had the benefit of the invention of microscopes, cameras, and so on, his list would have been a lot longer.

The better tools we have to reveal more wonders, the more we realize that there’s a whole lot more out there waiting for us to discover. Way to go, God. Of course He has created so so much amazing wonderment, we will never discover it all. It keeps life very interesting.

Spiders employ logarithms, (or is it algorithms?) when spinning their orbs. Math and I do not get along, but I know wondrous mathematical wonders when I see them.

Such as . . . nautilus shells, honeycombs, and snowflakes; three things that are all too wonderful for me.

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