53. Help

Moon Over the Mountain

I went into this next block with a lot of negativity. My inner voice said, “Who do you think you are? You don’t have the skills to execute this curve. You’re not going to have fun with this one. And who do you think you are, putting this out there for others to see? You did a bad job of it, and even had to add extra sashing for some unknown reason. Those fabric choices couldn’t be any uglier. And who do you think you are, that anyone would care to listen to you anyways?”

Gotta love that inner voice, right?

So I remind myself that I’m playing with scraps of cloth, for crying out loud. The outcome isn’t going to cause us to lose the farm. (We don’t even have a farm). Actually, one outcome is that I’m using up scraps of cloth and giving them a place and a purpose. So I have a good time as I take on this block, make mistakes, big ones, and smile as I remind myself that it’ll quilt out.

And the scripture passage reminds me that I need to apply this attitude to all aspects of my life.

I heard somewhere that things would be different if the stars and moon revealed themselves only once a year. People would anticipate that annual event. They would make sure their schedules were cleared so they would be able to go outside and gaze up at the sky in appreciation and wonder. They would make travel plans to insure a nice viewing spot for their families. There would be stargazing parties and special events and souvenir tee shirts and commemorative coffee mugs. Young lovers would declare their love, and some would get down on one knee and propose because one momentous event begs for another.

But the stars and the moon are always there, so we go about our business, like ants in their anthills, noses to our grindstones, while this amazing show sparkles overhead.

I was thinking today about famous people of history. What if they had WordPress back then? I bet Abraham Lincoln would have billions of subscribers. Jane Austen fans would start their days checking their devices to see if she posted or not. And Shakespeare? Can you just imagine?

And God. WOW. What if we could hear directly from our Creator on Blogger? That would be over the top incredible.

Wait . . .

2 thoughts on “53. Help

  1. Liz,
    Your posts are so incredibly inspiring!
    Thank you!
    I used your “it’ll quilt out” when I dropped my bible sampler quilt off to be quilted. They told me I had a 1” variance and I told them it’s ok, my friend says “it’ll quilt out”. They said that’s a good one!
    We leave on our Mediterranean Cruise tomorrow.
    Happy Quilting!


    1. Have a wonderful cruise! While you’re packing, I’m preparing for a possible power shutoff due to Santa Ana winds here. No sewing today. 😔 I heard that phrase from Pam Cobb of the Stitch TV show on YouTube, she’s hilarious!


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