52. Cornerstone


I can testify to the truth that scriptures, set to music, are remembered. As I continue through the book of Psalms, so many songs pop up out of dusty decades-old files in my brain. They bring the accompanying flood of happy memories spent in fellowship and fun as I grew up in my church and in my faith.

This passage brought me back to a rather catchy song. I learned it at Winter Camp in the piney, snowy mountains. I was a “counselor” for the week, and the girls I was in charge of were a fantastic group. Snow was a unique experience in my Southern California childhood. I remember how it felt crunching under my boots as I trudged in the darkness to the fellowship hall. The warmth from the crowd, the fire, the happy noises, the music – I remember it all.

Did you sing this one in your youth group days?

Listen here

“The building block (building block)

That was rejected

Became the cornerstone of a whole new world.”

What a profound truth is proclaimed in such a silly way. In Psalms, hundreds of years before the arrival of Jesus on the earth, we read that He will be rejected. Despite the rejection, He will become the cornerstone of the new world, His new covenant.

I immediately think, yes, the Israelites, God’s chosen, will reject their Messiah. But more importantly, God Himself will forsake His Son. Jesus will be rejected by His own Father as He dies upon that cross. I cannot think of anything more cruel. But this must happen in order for Jesus to be fully man in order to bear our sins upon His shoulders. And Jesus submitted to that rejection because of His love for us.

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