51. Let Everything That Has Breath

Rising Sun quilt block

For a season, I participated in my church praise band. I sang and played guitar. My favorite part was finding a vocal harmony to fill out the sound. Reading David’s exuberant praises to the Lord reminded me of those worship songs. In fact, so many of David’s verses have been used in contemporary worship. All those tunes that I thought were forgotten have played through my head as I’ve read through the book of Psalms. Along with those tunes come memories of shared fellowship with other believers. Songs have a powerful way of reaching past your head straight to your heart. So a roomful of believers will join their voices in chorus and sing things like:

“Here we are, gathered together as a family.

Bound as one, lifting up our voices to the King of Kings

We cry ABBA Father, worthy is your name . . .”

(Remember that one from Maranatha Singers?) I imagine if we sat in a circle and chanted those same lyrics, an outsider might fear they’ve joined a sect or something. But putting them to music, we allow ourselves to bare our hearts to each other and express a level of intimacy with our Creator without discomfort.

And what a comfort it has been, remembering those simple old songs. They remind me to be still, to be present in the moment, to breathe in and breathe out in praises to our awesome God. I’m still considering why yoga has become such a huge presence here in the US and abroad. (See yesterday’s post). I find it interesting that people will pay money and spend time to travel to a studio where they will be guided through an hour of relaxation and meditation. Interesting.

Coincidentally, I am at this very moment watching the sun rise as I write this post about a rising sun block. In truth, I haven’t said much about the block. You know how I feel about curves. And the fabric choices don’t thrill me either. But it’s just one of 96 blocks, it’ll get lost in the crowd. I’m fine with that.

I’m not a morning person, so seeing the pink morning skies is a rarity for me. But on this early morning you would find me on a train headed downtown. Unlike so many other citizens, I don’t throw away my jury duty summons. I’ll show up at the federal courthouse and complete my civic duty.

Praise the Lord.

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