42. And a Finish

Apple Leaf Block

This passage of scripture has David making a bold request. Surrounded by deadly enemies and the wicked who would do him violence, he asks God to keep him as the apple of His eye and to hide him in the shadow of His wings. Lovely imagery, and powerful truth: The passage begins with “I call upon you – for you will answer me, Oh God; incline your ear to me; hear my words.”

How very comforting to visualize a caring Father bending down to listen to His beloved child. That’s the God we worship: One who can and wants to hide us in the shadows, the clefts of rocks, the palms of His hands. I am loving the book of Psalms.

In other news, I had a personal mini sew-in yesterday. It was a rare opportunity, as I had the house entirely to myself for a large part of the day. All those new projects I planned, pulled, cut and organized had some assembly happen:

Floribunda stacks are blooming

Economy blocks appeared in between as leaders and enders.

As the day wore on, I itched to see something besides stacks of pieces in progress. As much as I claim to be a process quilter, I needed the satisfaction of a finish.

So I picked up my basket of leftover Good Fortune pieces and made this:

It’s not technically complete; I’m going to make another simple border that’ll make it easy to sew into a pillow. But for today, throwing this together satisfied the itch. In addition, it provided evidence that the “Startitis” virus is past me now. I no longer feel compelled to launch new quilt projects. I do foresee a spell of “Finishupitis” on my horizon. But for now, I’m enjoying the comfortable middles of several projects, which require neither a start nor a finish and the stress-inducing decisions that accompany them.

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