In the Lovely Month of May

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been away travelling, and reading Chronicles. The Bible Sampler Quilt is still in the making, I’ll have a block to share when I reach the book of Esther.

There was discussion this morning on Bonnie Hunter’s quilting board about Mother’s Day/birthday gift hits and misses. I’ll say that the best gift I received from my husband was a bicycle; an electric one so that I can keep up with him. And May is the perfect month to ride bikes. Not too hot, not too cold, everything’s in bloom. I’ve been trying to get a solo ride in every day, and I’ve just come back from one.

The brain is unleashed from the fetters of home when you’re out riding a bike. There’s nothing that can be done back there because you’re too busy flying over the land on two wheels. The imagination can also take flight on a bicycle ride. I spin nostalgic odes to the long-gone neighbors I miss so much as I coast past their houses. I compose the most thoughtful and unusually clever blogposts from the seat of my bike.

I tried to get to the iPad right away to share something of that with you, but I was too slow. And interrupted with a question about the mail. And I have so much to do that I can’t devote too much time to remembering anything right now.

Oh well, I’m sure they weren’t THAT great after all.

So I suppose the purpose of this post, besides checking in after so long an absence, is to encourage you to ride your bike! This cool dry May weather won’t last much longer. As Pa says in The Darling Buds of May, it’s “purfick”.

I’ll also share a quilt photo. So here’s a recent finish; completed just in time for a new arrival. You’ll see that I’ve been influenced by Bonnie Hunter to save my “bonus” HSTs. The other half of the ear units appear as pinwheels below:Fancy Foxes by Elizabeth Hartman

And speaking of bonus triangles, here’s my current WIP: I’m halfway through adding border #2 – the green bonus HSTs – to my Good Fortune quilt.

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