Bullfrogs and Butterflies

I’m departing from the Bible Sampler again to share wonder with you all:

These painted lady butterflies are moving west. They are buffeted by wind and cold. They fly apart from each other, beating the air with iridescent wings. So delicate, so strong. They have graced my home by choosing it for their flight path. They stop to refuel:

They’ve been passing overhead for three days now. Bless their hearts.

I’ve been gardening, and look who was buried in my flowerbed:

I think he was too cold to put up a fuss, but he was able to give me the stink eye:

His eyes were psychedelic. Bless his heart.

Did you listen during these videos? Did you hear the thunderous booms? They are the sounds of freedom, courtesy of the United States Marine Corps.

Bless their hearts.

P.S. Did anyone else think of the Barry McGuire children’s song?

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