29. Suddenly . . .

Chariot Wheel Block

Like so many others these days, I’ve limited my projects to what’s in my stash. This project is making a modest dent in my tub of reproduction scraps. I am using the bits up and getting them gone. This time I didn’t quite make it with the green and had to fill in with another. I’m over it. This block had 81 pieces in all. Just sayin’. (There’s one mistake, bottom row third from left, can you see it? Strangely, it only adds to my affection for this block.)

The Bible passage continues with the children of Israel safely crossing the Red Sea while the Egyptians are drowning behind them. And just for good measure, God had disabled their chariot wheels so there would be no chance of escape.

God is the god of suddenly. Lots of miraculous accounts begin with this word. As in, “Suddenly a mighty wind swept in from the wilderness . . .” (Job 1:19) and at Pentecost: “Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind” . . . (Acts 2).

“Suddenly” God showed up and used wind to part the Red Sea when the situation seemed so dire that there was no possible way out. So of course God did the impossible. He performed a miracle that defied understanding. He used ordinary wind and water and made them do an extraordinary thing.

But the truth of the matter is that He already had it all planned out beforehand. I wonder why He didn’t let Moses in on the fine details of His extraordinary plan. Then Moses could’ve really calmed the fears of the Israelites as they panicked in their dead-end trap ahead of the Egyptian army. What God had told them was a promise of deliverance to a land flowing with milk and honey. That should have been enough for them to trust in Him. But they couldn’t help but doubt His plan in their present situation.

Boy is this true of us believers today. As Moses told the people, we also should say: “Stand firm and you will see the deliverance of the Lord . . . The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

2 thoughts on “29. Suddenly . . .

  1. I’m feeling compelled to offer a suggestion. If it’s unwanted, please ignore me. First, I’m loving your blocks, no matter the fabric subs nor any directional whoopsies. My suggestion is about the pressing. I can see that the four corners of your block are twisting. I’m guessing you’re using your iron with both pressure -and- movement. That can be a fatal combination. Karen Brown at Just Get it Done Quilts has an excellent YouTube video on pressing. Hey, even when I’m being conscientious I’ve created plenty of distortions. The pieces in this block must be very small and, therefore, hard to press. Resist the scrub!


    1. Hi Ruth, all comments are welcomed and wanted, thanks! And thanks for the tip! The distortion is caused by the fact that I haven’t removed the paper foundation yet and the very stiff block is actually folding up towards the camera. My plan is to attach thin white sashing to two adjacent sides when all the blocks are done and have a tear-out-paper marathon in front of the TV.


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