24. Bright Jewels

The next quilt block is a nod to the next chapter in Exodus, chapter three. We’ve fast forwarded eighty years to give Moses time to grow up. Now God reveals His plan to deliver His people from their bonds of slavery. The Hebrew women have an important part of the plan. Their job is to go to their Egyptian neighbors and ask for their clothing, their gold, silver, and jewels.

Right? The Egyptians are just going to smile and hand over their wealth to the slaves?

That’s right. God’s plan includes making sure the Israelites are well-equipped so they can negotiate their way through the Canaan lands, and eventually furnish the Tabernacle.

God’s will, done God’s way, will not lack God’s supply.

And this plan was definitely carried out God’s way. He brought the ten awful plagues upon the Egyptians. Each grew worse than the one before it, until Pharoah finally gave the Hebrew slaves their freedom to leave Egypt.

Those Egyptian citizens must’ve been so relieved that their fearless leader finally caved. Because of his stubbornness, they suffered through fiery hail, infestations of lice and frogs and locusts, boils, bloody water, darkness, and even death. If I was an Egyptian, you bet I’d give my Hebrew neighbors whatever they wanted just to get rid of them. I would have been terrified of them and the power they, or rather, their God had over my Egyptian gods.

The Hebrews walked away from slavery in Egypt with their heads held high, and their arms laden with fine clothing and bright jewelry.

Bright Jewels

I’m laughing at myself today. Maybe you’ve noticed by now that Y-seams aren’t my favorite. I know, this block doesn’t have any but bear with me here. I was a bit perplexed and honestly, annoyed that the assembly instructions on the paper piecing printouts would say “Assemble per paper piecing instructions”. Huh? So I’d go to YouTube and search and watch and then there’d be a new block with curves and I’d do this again.

Well I found something today when I opened the CD included with the book. Yes, a PDF file of paper piecing instructions. The instructions are crystal clear and now I’m good. Why now after 25 blocks?

I know exactly why.

Have I mentioned before that I’m a newly retired teacher? We teachers have a common strength – winging it. We love to reinvent wheels to suit our unique clientele. Experience has taught us that the best laid plans can go topsy turvy when put to action. We anticipate unexpected glitches in the lesson plans with relish. We can turn on a dime and harness the synergy created by all those students in the room to come out with amazing learning experiences. It’s what we do.

I approach quilting the same way. I find it exciting to figure things out as I go along. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride of hit and miss. (I love roller coasters.) My first quilts were happenstances as I played with string pieces. I built a stash of scraps and made project decisions based on what I had. It’s fun to pull something together out of seemingly nothing. The prospect of buying a pattern and the fabric required up front still sounds boringly predictable. Where’s the thrill in that? No thank you.

So it should come as no surprise that I jumped in the lake of the Bible Sampler Quilt without carefully looking at all the resources included on the CD. I just went straight to the paper piecing file, printed out the blocks, pulled scraps, revved up my Janome, and off I chugged.

I’m reading the Bible and sewing a few blocks ahead of the blog, so I know there are many more Y-seams and curves in my future. Bring it on.

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