20. Chain Links

Genesis 41 continues with the account of Joseph not only surviving, but thriving in Egypt. The chain of his life events are so connected, you couldn’t chalk it up to lucky coincidence. In a nutshell:

Chain of events:

God reveals the future in Joseph’s dreams, which causes him to be despised by his brothers.

Those brothers retaliate by plotting his death, but he is rescued by foreigners.

Joseph correctly interprets dreams while imprisoned in Egypt, and ends up being number two under Pharoah himself . (Fiber alert: in v. 42 it is mentioned that Pharoah clothes Joseph in garments of fine linen. When you consider that all cloth is wrought by hand, this is a big enough deal to merit a mention.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, his brothers are suffering from years of famine.

They have to go and buy food from the Egyptians to keep the nation of Israel alive.

Joseph just happens to be in charge of the storehouses, so after messing with their heads jut a little bit, he is happily reunited with his family and they live happily ever after.

Here’s my takeaway, in a nutshell:

God tells us He’s got it covered, and everything is going to be okay.

We panic and take matters into our own hands.

We do bad things.

God is patient to forgive, and fulfills His promise anyways.

We learn our lesson, and live happily ever after.

Until the next time . . .

Chain Links Quilt Block

Chains are literally in our DNA. They are also the building blocks for makers. I began as a little girl learning to make a chain of yarn with my fingers that I used for doll belts. Then I crocheted, then I knitted, which both connect loops into chains of made fabric. Then I embroidered, and daisy chained many flower stems onto burlap canvases. In my teens, we macraméd purses and belts and vests. So cool.

If I remember something I read correctly; the first sewing machines laid down chain stitches on the cloth. Singer was the one who developed the looping stitch used today.

All this to point out that itsy bitsy pieces (this block has 61 of them!) slowly chain together to make something beautifully complete and whole. When I was in college, a popular saying went like this: PBPGIFWMY – “Please be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet”. I can apply patience to myself, too. God promises to complete His plan, and though I am the weak link in His chain, in Him I am strong.

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