Final Mystery Monday

I think this is the last linkup of the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt.


I have just begun assembling the blocks. They are slipping right into place without a struggle. I took the time to measure and trim up the units along the way, and now I’m reaping my reward. I may be contradicting my previous post Mystery quilts aren’t for everyone… in which I preached about going with the flow, dropping stitches here, adding a few there, and not sweating the small stuff.

Let’s say I’ve added to my skillset.

Compare and Contrast: Last year, my first mystery, produced this:

I felt I must change the name to protect the innocent, so I call it “Storm on Ringo Lake”.

It was not my intention to go astray. I matched fabric, printed out clues, and did my best to keep up. In my haste, I assembled the coral and brown flying geese in the wrong order. The error was discovered when it came time to put blocks together. By then I was overwhelmed by the breakneck speed of the thing which meant a do-over was not going to happen. So I worked with what I had and settled on this layout. To my surprise my daughter loved it so it will have a home.

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