12. Open the Window!

It’s January 2nd, and the holidays conclude on January 6th with Epiphany, or, Three Kings Sunday. Although I’m still technically in the holidays, I feel like getting back to the Bible and the Bible Sampler Quilt.

If you are just joining me on my journey through the Bible, welcome! I only started this blog a short time ago, so you can easily begin at the beginning to get the whole story of the Bible Sampler Quilt.

I’ve reached Genesis chapter eight, where Noah and his family are waiting out the flood inside the ark. Ever wonder what it was like to be inside that ark? To share such tight quarters with your entire family would be quite the challenge. It would be challenging enough to tolerate the familial odors that come with “roughing it”, but then add in all those animal smells. Then add the element of constant moisture which gives a saturation to all that pungency. This is very difficult, if not impossible, for me to imagine how that family endured. For a year.

The forty days and nights of constant rain have stopped. After floating and bobbing about for months on end, the ark has finally run aground on Mount Ararat. Noah finally opens a window. It couldn’t have happened too soon. It had been 260 days, give or take, since God closed the door.

Can you just imagine how Noah’s family felt when that first rush of fresh air filled their nostrils? I would’ve been hanging my head out of that window as if my life depended on it. I would have filled my lungs with deep breaths of that clean oxygen after holding my nose for 260 days.

I admire the fortitude displayed by Noah’s family. They were certainly made of strong stuff. There was no account of complaining, or whining or mutiny to be found in Genesis eight.

And it was probably a good thing that swimming had not yet been invented.

Here is the block, Open Window.

2 thoughts on “12. Open the Window!

  1. I have loved reading The Farmer’s Wife Quilt for years. When I was a little girl I awaited The Farm Journal magazine that finally reached our rural mailbox down at the road that seems miles and miles away for little legs. Waiting my turn, I went to the back cover and opened to find the paper doll, Betsy McCall.
    Today I am directed to your post. I too have both of Laurie Hird’s quilting books ~ and have been collecting the directions for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt. The connection stops here ~ as I have not ventured to the new sewing machine that has been idle for two years because when I ran its first few stitches it was so noisy and my husband was sleeping… Makes me want to run back upstairs and retrieve my old portable machine.
    Reading your new blog, I will get brave and rethread the new machine. I copy and pasted your beautiful colors (12. Open the Window!) into my keeper file. Now going to the bottom, to the beginning… and I love the Lord. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House


    1. Welcome Kathleen and thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so glad you’re jumping back in to sewing, you go for it!I vividly recall carefully cutting Betsy McCall outfits from the back page of my mom’s McCall magazines. I remember exactly what the flowery stationery box looked like where I kept them. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories with me!

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