8. Garden Walk

Remember that silly childhood question: “When is baseball first mentioned in the Bible?” The reply, “Huh? Baseball?” The punchline: “In the “big”inning . . .”

Yuk yuk.

Well, my fellow sewists; Chapter three of Genesis describes the first account of sewing in the Bible. It was born out of “bare” necessity. Adam and Eve had to make do with fig leaves. They contrived needles and thread and stitched their clothing together.

Sewists still sew out of necessity, albeit for different reasons. Speaking only for myself, I sew because of community. It connects me with friends in a purposeful way. It connects me with my past, and the past I imagine when I look at old quilts. I wonder at the people who sewed them. What passed through their thoughtstream as they stitched for hours and hours?

Some sewists say that quilting is their therapy. I believe that is true. When I was in Alaska, I saw this in Skagway:

I think about Jennie Olsen.

This mother was holed up in that tiny town with those long, dark, cold winters. Of course she would sew duck necks together. It was the sane thing to do.

Here’s our next block in the Bible Sampler Quilt, Garden Walk.

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