6. Tree of Life

I am having fun being a blogger. I have to laugh at myself. At the start I warned you that I would be longwinded. But WordPress informs me that my posts are taking less time to read. In fact, I’m shortening my posts by a minute each day. So there you go!

Genesis chapter two describes the Garden of Eden. God put the tree of life in the midst of the garden. I wonder what the fruit of the tree of life was like? What color, what shape, what flavor did God create in the food that would enable us to live forever? I guess it doesn’t really matter now, because the tree no longer exists. And we don’t need that tree anymore. We are still able to live forever. God made a way – and it also involved a tree. A tree that was cut down and shaped into a cross. A new tree of life. Because it is at the foot of the cross where surrender and salvation take place. And the ground is level ground there. All may come and receive God’s free gift of eternal life.

I did it again, I jumped to the New Testament when I’m supposed to be going in order through the Bible. Well, the Bible isn’t written in chronological order after all. And God is not constrained by our time/space continuum. He knows the end from the start, He is both the Alpha and the Omega at the same time. I believe He meant for us to make these connections to His son Jesus as He gave His word to Moses to write down.

Here’s my tree of life block. Thanks for taking one minute (according to WordPress stats) to share my thoughts and quilt blocks.

2 thoughts on “6. Tree of Life

  1. I am being lazy, because you might have mentioned it before, but are you creating these block yourself, or are you following a pattern? They are lovely either way.


  2. Hi Belinda! Good question. The blocks all come from the book I show by Laurie Aaron Hird, The Bible Sampler Quilt. She explained that when she collected old blocks with biblical names, she realized she could order them to tell the whole Bible story, start to finish. Cool, right? So I thought, wow, I’ll sew the blocks and follow along in scripture as I go. It’s been great so far. Thanks for being my first follower!


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