We interrupt this regularly scheduled program . . .

And this was the week that was . . .

Rather than resume my regular posts, I’m going to take a few days to share about our trip. The Bible Sampler Quilt blocks will return right after this.

When I began spending more time in my sewing room, I found podcasters to keep me company. My favorites all had something in common – they lived in the South. This was the only region in the USA that I had not explored until now. We spent this past week around Nashville. I got to peek into what the quilting scene is like in their neighborhood. We ventured out to North Carolina (Hey Bonnie Hunter and Leah Day, and Frances O’Roarke Dowell!). And what a thrill when our drive to the Smokies dipped us down into Georgia, home to Pam and Lynn at the Stitch TV; and last but not least, the Flylady.

Flylady? I actually started with her. I have Marla Cilley to thank for my quilting and blogging life. Her system of home organization got me all sorted, which then freed me up to do what I love best. She is an inspired encourager. If you need someone to help you dream big, I would say start with her.

I don’t know if it was luck, but all of the people I came into contact with this week were as warm and witty as those delightful and talented ladies. Is it the South Effect? The air is brisk and clean, the hills are green, and the pace is slow and steady. Here is the view outside my cabin window.

See what I mean? And take today. My family entered a museum visitor center just outside the Smoky Mountains. We didn’t have time to spend on the museum grounds, but when I casually pointed out the Grandmother’s Garden hexie quilt serving as a table cloth for a display, the employee offered to take me back through the exhibit to show me more quilts. The volunteers brought them from home to add to the display cases. We had a pleasant time admiring the hand-stitched feed sack and flour sack quilts.

Sorry there are no quilty photos to accompany this post. I think I need to keep a camera or cellphone with me at all times. Opportunities like these happen on a regular basis in the South.

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