5 Fish

Doubt is scary. It’s risky to step outside the comfortable zone of faith and examine scripture as an outsider would. Who knows what thoughts and feelings would unleash themselves and bubble up from deep within? And then what we we do with them once they reared their murky heads? The story of creation itself is enough for people with half a brain in their heads to walk away from Christianity shaking those heads in disbelief. How could anyone go along with a story of everything getting done in seven days? And by the way, one of those days was spent resting.

What do these non-believers offer by way of explanation? A Big Bang? That theory actually concurs with my idea of how it looked and sounded when God was speaking the world into being. I imagine it was a noisy process with lots of thunder and lightning fire. But the scene was anything but chaotic. God is a God of order. This is evident in the way in which He brought things into being. First He began with the elements needed to sustain life: light, darkness, air, water, soil. Next came plant life, herbs, trees, algae, and sea weed. Only then did He create animals “according to their kind”. This phrase is repeated over and over again as each type of creature is mentioned: “. . . each according to its kind.” God even knew then that we would be doubters. We’d eventually come up with a cockamamie idea of evolution. He made it clear in these phrases that species could not cross their phylum. Slime couldn’t become worms. Worms couldn’t become fish. Fish couldn’t become birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Thankfully, I believe God is perturbed not at all by our doubts. He is unchanging in His love for us. We are the ones who suffer. I may have a cure for this doubt. It comes in the form of a fish.

I kid you not.

Behold the pufferfish. Yes, the lowly pufferfish will confirm that only an omnipotent sheer genius God could design such a creature. Just search for “male pufferfish” on YouTube and a BBC video will show you what I’m talking about. The structure this little guy with a tiny brain builds on the ocean floor is absolutely stunning. You cannot convince me that he evolved from slime billions of years ago and figured this out all by himself.


If that’s not enough, consider the cuttlefish. Aren’t they awesome? And how about my personal favorite sea creature, the seahorse? On the fifth day God poured on His awesome creativity and the sea teemed with life.

I’ve reached the end of Genesis chapter one.

My husband and I are traveling to Nashville for the holidays, so no blogposts for a week. Happy Thanksgiving to my one follower!

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