3 Have You Heard

My son used to play a trick on me. He’d ask, “Hey, Mom, have you heard?” And I’d say, “Heard what?” And he’d say “The word”. And I’d say “What word?” and he’d say “The bird. The bird is the word.” Our exchange had a cadence and a rhythm, just like the song the Trashmen sang in the sixties. I don’t know if my son knew that reference or not. But I fell for it over and over again.

How’s this for a clever segue from yesterday’s post, “Word”. I am up to day five of creation in my reading of Genesis, when God spoke into being all the swarming creatures of the waters and sky. This passage is covered on block number three, Birds in the Air.

And now I share a tip. It’s a sharp tip. Particularly about my choice of pins. I use these. They make a huge difference in the sewing fun factor. I looked them up on the internet, and apparently they are Clover quilting pins, superfine. (I acquired mine secondhand.)

I used to use big honkin’ pins with flat heads. (Get it, honking. Like geese.) Now these glass ball pins glide in and out just like hawks riding the aerobatic lifts outside my window. Okay, I’ll stop with the bird references.

But before I do, I must share how “Birds in the Air” resonates in my soul. I recall the words of Christ in His sermon on the mount. He reassures us to be anxious for nothing, because even the birds, who are worth far less than people, are fully provided for.

Birds in the air defy gravity. They soar, glide, and sail through the heavens. They are unencumbered by the density of the ground below. They have a bird’s eye view, free from the scuffle and strife below. How carefree they must be.

When our founding fathers were deciding on our national bird, the turkey was nearly chosen. Instead, they went with the eagle. The eagle has the intelligence to fly above the storm. Like the eagle, they strove to stay above political fray and keep their eyes fixed on the prize of a United States.

I remind myself to be more like the eagle, the bird of the air, to be anxious for nothing and to keep my eyes fixed on the prize we share as believers in the gospel.

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